Friday, 13 March 2009

What do I REALLY want out of university?

Its a hard question to face.

A lot of people don't event think about, not even before they go. Some of my friends went to university because it was the next logical step after 6th form. What do they want to be when they are older? "I've no idea" they say. Now, I'm not bitching about my friends behind their back, but have some goddamn foresight! University is a massive investment, quite possibly the biggest investment one will make in their life, to go, without even sparing a thought as to what you want to get out of it seems crazy, 'stupid' dare I say.

Then I know other people, who blindly go to university, assuming that the course will make them eligible for a nice well paid job. Almost ignoring the fact that you will only be eligible for that job if you actually know your shit. A nice degree isn't some kind of pass card to a cushy job.

But all this talk of others, what about me? Why am I here, and whats me reason for being?

Unlike the first group I mentioned, I know where I want to be. My goal, after this three year course, is to be good enough, at creating Game Art, that a company will want to employ me to work for them. I understand that companies don't really care much for degrees and education background, its all about how good you are. And because of this, it almost seems silly me being on an expensive degree course. But this bring me onto my next point. My main reason for being on this degree course, isn't for the grade I get, to be painfully honest I'm not really fussed whether I get a 2:watzit, or a 1st. My reason for being here, is to develop my skills, learn new things, and grow as an artist, to the point I aim to be at, fuck it, PAST the point I'm aiming for.

You know what, I want to be employable by the end of the second year, at the end of the third year god knows where I'll be.

This said, I also understand another important point - the information I'm being taught now, will be obsolete in five years time. If I only learn what I am taught in the next three years, I'll be employable for about half a decade. Not worth being in debt about is it?

Being at university is not necessarily about learning SPECIFIC pieces of information, rather, learning a way of thinking, a way of looking at things, that make the possibilities for continual development endless. Learn how to learn, and learn how to adapt.

I'm also at university to build up a portfolio, create loads of stuff, whether its course related or not, who cares, I don't have any other work to do so lets just go nuts and enjoy it. Its only going to benefit me.

By the end of the three years, I will be employable, not necessarily because my grade says so, but because I'm good. And I'm good because I modeled stuff, I DID 3d work. I learned how to overcome what was keeping me back in 2D. This is my goal.

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