Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Still alive

Well, lack of lectures really effects your drive, mentally. Something that needs to be changed, and I am the only one responsible for that.

So, what have I been doing this last term? - Mod work mostly.

I've just finished an M1 Carbine, for our US infantry models. complete with four resolution Lods (levels of detail).

And with our release imminent, here is an in-game collage: (far too big for this puny blog).

So, the Carbine kept me busy for a short while, but it is by no means an excuse for two months of inactivity. And honestly, I don't have one, I've never lived so close to so many clubs and bars, maybe that has something to do with it.

I know little about creating vehicles, I've only ever made one before and that was a ford transit for a hand-in. So with a recognized weakness, I've decided that my next project (once again mod work, this time for our sequel) will be an American M3 Halftrack. We need a new one, and what better a learning project, it has both tracks, and wheels, so I've plenty of UV mapping challenges facing me, it has fun details, and a challenging interior. So, before summer projects are started, I'm gonna finish this mother.

Here's how far I am after about an hours work:

My my my... finding reference on vehicles can be a nightmare, dreaded google can only give me certain bits and bobs, old world war 2 photos are hard to make details out of. And there's never reference for that crevice you can't figure out!

So, I decided I would pop down Domino's model shop, and buy myself a little model kit of an M3 half track. Best idea I've had in AGES! Its so useful having the model in front of you, not only is it much easier to convert 3d information in real life into 3d information on the screen (rather than 2d to 3d) but I also get the nifty blueprints they supply to help with painting, double whammy! Definitely going to repeat this next time I make a vehicle. Not only this, but it was also really fun to make!

Oh, and if you're wondering why its got loads of black on it? I was experimenting with using a dark wash to deepen the shadows... it didn't work :(