Friday, 5 June 2009

Halftrack WIP

Work has slowly.. much slower than I would like, but steadily been progressing on the M3 Half-track. I'm glad I'm doing this project as there is some rather complicated geometry going on, and its really like a puzzle game trying to get it all right.

Here are some WIP pictures:

On other news, I finally got my sketch pad out and started drawing the other day, which was fun... for the first few minutes, then annoyingly frustrating as nothing seemed to 'click'. A sign possibly, that I am trying to draw logically, rather than visually, something I will experiment with tomorrow evening if I have time.

I've noticed a certain aspect of my personality, a blessing and a curse in equal respect. I tend to experience everything, yet specialize in nothing. I base my actions on my mood, and my mood seems to change multiple times a day. For example, earlier today all I wanted to do was play cricket, sadly the great British weather was raining and generally shit, so I frivolously ate some biscuits and played a game. Before long my mood changed to wanting to work on the half-track, so a quick alt+f4 turned my game off, and I started 3ds max. the M3 loads... but I can't face working on it, I want to do a character, so, after following a similar impulse the previous evening, I load up a .max file of an American Paratrooper, in very early stages. Nah, that's boring, I can't be bothered, I want to do a British para now.

I spend the next 20/30 minutes quickly sketching up an orthographic image of a British paratrooper, but the inspiration has died, I can't even be bothered to scan it in. Oh snap, I just had a totally cool mission idea for ArmA2! I load up ArmA2 and pop into the editor and start making the mission, damn, its going to take ages to play test this, I can't even get past the first bit... I'm not even in the mood anymore.

The story. Sadly, goes on an on. However, there are some positives, this constant stream of 'good ideas' means that I have already done a considerable amount with my life. I've worked in America, then traveled from east to west. I've played just about every MMORPG in existence (but paid for none). I've played almost every game on the market, had flying lessons, and many more. I think its a general lack of a need for closure.

I've got friends, who play a game, and can't rest until it is completed, the need closure. I on the other hand, just want to try a new game to experience it, see what its like, then I'll move on to the next. I've completed a grand total of about 5% of my collection of games. Same goes for my early 3d models. However, I've since learned that finishing a standard model is more important than starting cool ones.

I'm suspicious that this behavioral trait is caused by a combination of tiredness, and waking up late (based on the theory that waking up late makes me lazy for the remainder of the day). I'll set my alarm for 8am, tomorrow, lets see if it changes.