Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sir Ken Robinson - Creativity

My University lecturers have directed me to a video, of a speech on creativity, by Sir Ken Edwards, at a TED meeting in Los Angeles.

Here is a link to the video:

I want to do a quick review, as this video has effected me, in the way I think, in the way I want to approach tasks, and has motivated and inspired me in ways I feel are quite rare.

This video reminds us, that all humans are equal, and are capable of anything. If we aren't good at maths, chances are its because that part of our brain, a muscle don't forget, has not 'worked out' in a while. Essentially, to get better at something, all we need to go is take that part of our brain to the proverbial 'gym' and give it a work out.

I've sometimes felt slightly stupid when around other people, my maths skills are getting exponentially poorer, my handwriting not as neat as other peoples, sometimes I say silly things. And I can't help but sometimes get a little down about it. I don't like being ridiculed because I don't know the square root of 98, I felt kinda upset when a 'friend' gave me a grammar competition and kicked my ass. It made me feel a little shit, like I was a 'worse' human than them. That they were better than me.

But the Ken reminds us, that we are all diverse, and that while we might be a little rusty at somethings, we are all good at something. And I think thats why I like the video, because it reminds me I can be good at something, dare I say it, I AM good at something.

We all want to feel like were good at something, like we have a niche, and we all are.

A friend of mine at school, 'Dean May' wasn't really awesome at much, he could communicate quite well, but we both sucked at maths, and I used to laugh at his science book. He was regarded as one of the 'poorer performing' pupils in our year. But at what? poorer performing at academic skills invented by other humans?

Dean left school after GCSE, and started a business selling motorbikes with his brother. I don't know how the business is going, I'd love to be able to tell a story comparable to Ken's Balet dancer story. But I'm sure they are doing well. He is happy, earning an income, and from what I could tell, not too bad off for money.

We're all good in our own little way. I love 3d Art, thats why I'm here, and I'm gonna work that brain muscle till it bleeds (but not too much because that might kill me)

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