Thursday, 12 March 2009

Creativity - Part Deux

Since my last post on Creativity, I've been introduced to new ways of thinking, my brain has been packed full of information on the very subject, but its kinda safe to say... my views haven't changed... MUCH....

Creativity is still wanting to DO, its still driving yourself to create new Stuff. But after watching the Ken Robinson speech (see earlier post) I've realized that, not only is creativity 'Wanting' to do make/do stuff, its also 'Willing' to do stuff. Sometimes, Due to partly to our upbringings and social stigma attatched with being 'wrong', doing something new, can be pretty scary. We can convince ourselves that we don't want to be wrong, and because of this we don't dare risk being creative.

What Ken Robinson has to say about creativity is very interesting indeed. That we are all born creative, children are naturally creative because it is the body's way of ensuring we experiment and learn about the world around us. This willing to try new stuff conflicts with the rules of Maths, English, and other Logic based subjects, where there IS a wrong answer, and it should NEVER be reached. In schools, children are almost purely taught this logic, and it gives us a very one sided view of the world.

But in an experiment, can we really go wrong? Surely an experiment is just a 'test' to see what a result for something is. The Social stigma of being wrong stops us from taking part in these 'experiments' and because of this many people don't learn to draw, or paint, or dance, or 'break the mold'. We don't throw caution to the wind anymore, but why not? Its perfectly sensible to be afraid for ones safety, but to be afraid of being wrong? Its almost pathetic.

Is this the right theory for creativity? How can it be, when there is right or wrong answer ;)

Thinking in this way has certainly helped me to knuckle down and get things done, so why shouldn't it be? For me its the right theory.

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