Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Well that was a waste of a week

Euraugh, I've had a bit of a shit time of it recently.

I broke up with my girlfriend just two days after my formative assessment, not the end of the world, I'm not going to cry and be all dramatic about it. But it is rather annoying, as the collateral damage was rather unsavory. Plus she was a nice friend.
she lives with my best mates, I used to chill out with them every night in order to relax, can't do that for a little while! Which is ironic, as now I need that more than ever!

With this doing a good job of stressing me out, I then have caught some god awful flu, very similar to Mumps symptoms (I swear I've had my MMR so hopefully its not) Which has kept me inside my flat for nearly a week now. I've been in bed for the past few days, bar a small shopping trip to get some fresh air... Which made me even worse the next day :(

I feel a bit shit to be honest, my number of friends has essentially been chopped in half, I've lost a girlfriend I don't mind admitting I was starting to get quite close to, and I'm stuck indoors to think about it... all this, while sweating uncontrollably and shivering like an arctic explorer.

But why post this? Why moan?

I'm posting this because I feel it is quite important to mention. The last week I've not been able to do any work, every time I pick up a pencil I end up putting it back down and go to sleep. I tried some digital painting but it gave me a headache almost instantly, same goes for 3d work. I have only recently been able to start using my computer again without feeling like its draining the blood from my brain. Playing games is an interesting challenge, as my reaction times are comparable to 'paraplegic' or 'mentally retarded'.

I feel slightly better now, I can stand up, and even use my computer. Not confident with going outside just yet, I have the heating on full in my room, I'm wearing a hoodie, and I'm still freezing cold! - though I am also sweating, which should I believe? lol.

As for drawing? I'm sorry Chris but I can't see much happening this week if things stay like this, I feel shit, emotionally, mentally, physically. I honestly feel about as creative as a 40 year old investment banker. My life has gone from awesome, everything working, to - loads of things going wrong, that Guy needs to fix, but can't because he is ill.
As much as I love this place, Leicester, having my own flat, my course and my friends, I need to get out and away from it for a bit. I need to forget about Kaleigh, I need to remind myself of the friends I still have, get home in the safety of my parents place and sort my life out, I just wish it hadn't happened at such a shit time.

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