Thursday, 12 March 2009

Empire of the sun - No, not the film...

Curious as to the name of this band, I allowed my Swedish friend to pin me down on MSN and make me listen to some of their music. Usually I writhe uncontrollably and block my ears when a friend sends me a you tube link on MSN and says something along the lines of 'Check out this cool band I like, but you will probably hate'.

And you know what, it took a few listens, but this one stuck. I actually like it. I've only listened to two of their songs, but the rest are probably shit.

Here it is, Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream.

Now this song poses a real question.

Is it me or do they seem kinda gay?

Am I listening to a gay mans beat off music?

Was my friend trying to drop a hint when he said he 'loves' them over MSN?

AAAAAAA!!!! I can't decide!

Also, check out 'We are the people' - If they aren't gay, then that's my summer song.

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