Thursday, 12 March 2009

Local Hero

This was a perculiar film.

I watched it on TV before I went to America, so early Summer 08. To me it was just a shitty 80's looking film. I started watching it just past the half-way mark, and i diddn't really get it, at the time I was just relaxing on a summer afternoon infront of the tv with the bay windows open.

But after watching it, and paying attention to it, there is something about it, something, I can't put a finger on it, but I like it. I enjoyed the film, it was kinda uplifting, made me feel happy in a way.

But I don't even know why, the story is about some people who stand the chance of getting rich, them some smelly selfish bastard who lives on a shack on the beach ruins it all for them.

I suppose its the friendships, or something. It can't be the Scenery though, I fucking hate Scotland, its cold and shit, with lots of hard rocks to fall on.

All in all though, I liked it, it made me happy, and I don't know why.

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Michael Powell said...

its not really about scotland, or texans, or oil at all... its actually about metaphysics, and the poetry of the sky and the sea... the two main female characters - Marina (the sea) and Stella (the sky) we come from the sea and we got to the sky...

so its about life and love, and beauty so beguiling it changes who we are - the Texan wants to become the hotel owner, the experience changes him so much he realises how empty and plastic his former life really was, so its also about redemption through beauty.

and the weirdest thing of all? bill forsyth hated directing films