Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Summer isn't far off, and after drawing NEW character Ortho and final for an interesting character project, I've been longing to model the character in 3d, this kind of extra work is great for not only my portfolio, but to demonstrate to lecturers that I'm working on skills, however, ironically I don't have time to get cracking while the iron is hot due to other deadlines, doh!

This surge of motivation came as after a combination of finished orthos and a purchase of a new tutorial DVD from Gnomon workshop. Yes, you read correctly, I actually paid for software.

I've been thinking about buying the DVD 'Character Modelling for next gen games' for quite some time, since I first saw it at the beginning of the first year in fact. however, I've long been told that zBrush is Satans penis or that I should 'watch other DVD's first'. But No, I know ME better, and I'm doing it, and so I took the plunge!

And what a DVD, I learned so much! I'm really itching to get cracking with a new character, and with new Orthos too, I can't wait! Roll on this summer.


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