Monday, 12 April 2010

God-damn, if only I had more time!

Work, you spend months fighting for inspiration, scared that you're losing your ability to function artistically. Then all of a sudden, like a change in the wind, you realise that the reason you've been struggling all this time, is merely a bad approach towards the subject at hand.

This may all sound unrelated, but let me go on. All this time I've been put off doing work, worried it will look 'shit' and refusing to be anything other than original, I've had it drilled into me that I must be this magic Original artist. Of course, for an inexperienced artist, being original isn't easy. but recently its dawned upon me, that EVERYTHING is copied, nothing is original, original is impossible, it doesn't even exist. Today on the internet I read "Its not where you took it from that matters, its where you take it too" and suddenly like a switch it makes so much sense, we can't be original, the human race has existed for too long, everything has been done at least once. So why not just do what looks good? Its art after all.

This realisation has brought good emotions around me, and made it easier to work, but sadly hasn't 'magic'd' me more time (I still end up doing everything three times too!). But its taken a very stressful process and made it much easier to approach. Thank you 'Stumble Upon'!

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