Thursday, 16 October 2008

Oh how the world is changing

I am generally a very open minded person, while I might be thinking of a funny joke to make about someone or something, I never usually mean it. I just enjoy the challenge of finding the joke and delivering it. But some small things really get on my nerves.

In a personal project I was working on during my free time today, I decided I would make a young trick or treating girl with a knife and brains in her bag (I stole a competition brief just for practice).

What the hell does a young girl look like? I really cant say as I've ever drawn one before and I need reference pictures, but here is the thing. How on earth am I supposed to get reference pictures of a young girl?

I can't bring myself to type 'young girls' into google, and its not like I can go down the park and take pictures of children on the swings for fear of being slammed onto the sex offenders list with the other half of Leicester.

Society just gets silly after a while, don't get me wrong, I am all for just laws and rules. But health and safety is really starting to take the piss. My Auntie (love her to bits) tripped on the single bad paving slab on her walk to the shops and sued the council, or BT or which ever chimp couldn't figure out how to align squares.

Now I love my Auntie, but how about she just looks where she is going? Its one paving slab, shit happens, there are a lot of paving slabs in the country, I can't imagine it is feasible for the council to go around checking on paving slabs every day (though with the standard of todays education it might be a good way to reduce the number of spongers taking dole)

If I trip up, its my fucking fault, just get up keep walking, suing almost sounds silly.

In America, if someone falls down, and I go over to help them, and touch them god forbid, they can sue me till I bleed. But, if I walk off and don't try and help them, they can also sue me (apparently). What the fuck do I do? Fall over as well, hey if we are both hurt no one gets sued right?

Its fucking pathetic, I can't even run in tube stations wearing a puffy jacket and tricking people into thinking I had a bomb (Best way to ensure you get a seat and a quiet journey).

Its silly, I used to love my country, now I just live here.

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