Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My First Blog

Well, it seems the opportunity to blog has been arguably shoved in my face and I am yet to decide whether to take advantage of this possible 'gem' or to immaturely refuse to take interest. I think common sense would suggest that the former is more in my favor but I do like being rebellious and besides, I never have been one for writing unread messages. Often finding that considering and reviewing problems, rather than whining about them on an internet blog read by people with little value or life experience, is a more effective way of dealing with them.

So, this blog will not be about my every emotion, and 'black holes of sadness' (whoever invented emo's really had a sense of humor) Instead I will write about things I find interesting, inspiring, and I shall show off my works in progress (providing I remember to update, something I'm not great at doing).

I am even planning a large series of posts on the history of games! Because this really inspires me to work hard and makes my instincts tingle with delight! (box of chocolates for the first person to spot the thinly veiled sarcasm).

So read on, let the blog grow!

And you know what, I am even starting to warm to this...

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