Saturday, 9 January 2010

What I'm working on and other good news

I've recently left a MOD team I was working in for about 5 years, in search of pastures new. To be honest, I was a bit fed up of world war 2.

So, sticking to the game engine I know, I've asked to work with 'Project UKF' (United Kingdom Forces). A modern era mod for ArmA2 that focusses on British forces. This is a fantastic mod opportunity for me as being in the TA means reference pictures are never hard to find :)

As my test model, I've been asked to model an HK417 (new 7.62 assault rifle used by the SAS). I've spent about two evenings worth of time working on the model, and here is a work in progress picture:

I'm moving back to uni tomorrow, and I've got to compile my 1st semester presentation, but I hope to get this baby finished as soon as possible.

On other good news, my very late Xmas present came today (literally, my only present... yeah that was a shit christmas). A nice shiny Wacom - intuos 3. Woot, and my goodness is drawing different with a decent Wacom (in comparison to my old Bamboo)/ I sat for a while earlier today and had a bit fo a shape and form experiment, and ended up re-doing the 2d vehicle project!
Here's a pic:

Its a form of future civilian transport, much like a single person car. Its powered by the thruster underneath, and also steered by this thruster. This means it can traverse almost all terrain; water, hills, even air!

...Oh did I say single seater... there are two seats, you just can't see the second... therefore it falls within the brief :P

I've also found some brilliant (IMHO) that really helps me concentrate when working, get a load of these guys, I bring you Ryksopp:

its safe to say I'm obsessed with this song, and this one by Mind.In.A.Box:

Right.. back to work on that 417

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