Monday, 7 December 2009

Progress on the Character

I've been working on my SelfPortrait character for ages, I've re-done the model twice, and was so transfixed with the computer screen last night, that I stayed up till the road went quiet outside, the birds started tweeting and drunk students stopped walking past the house... Hmmmm... something's odd, what time is it? 5:10AM!

I've never jumped out my seat, slammed the computer off button, and dived to the bed faster, and rather unsurprisingly, I didn't make my 8:30am wake up. Infact, I closed my eyes after turning off the alarm, and woke up at 4PM :(

This, rather frustratingly, means I missed my monday lectures. However, After reading the course structure, I'm going to spend the rest of the day/evening getting on with the relevant work.

But, what of this fabled character? Here is an image of the fella, for those that don't know, he is meant to be a pilot of my airship (vehicle project). Here he is:

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